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Tennis live betting

Tennis is the most exciting sport to bet on live. There are points, games and sets to bet on all the time. In addition, the serve still plays an important role in determining the winner of the game, even though it has lost its influence when it comes to betting on the winner of the match.

In tennis, one of the two players always has the advantage at the start of the game, so betting will depend on who serves on the vast majority of occasions. Naturally, the dynamism of tennis is immediately transferred to the bookmaker. Raising or lowering the odds depending on who is winning the game and who is serving.

To give you an example, the highest odds in this type of betting will be given to the winner of the game who is currently serving and losing 40-0. Betting at that moment will increase our potential winnings in a way that was impossible two minutes before.

This is why it is so important to watch the match live if we want to place this type of bet. We can control which moments there will be high winnings and which moments there will be low winnings. In this sense there are bookmakers that allow you to follow the match live via streaming, something that will help the bettor in question a lot.

Tips, Tricks and Special Tennis Betting Tips and Predictions

Tennis is a very profitable sport in the world of betting, as long as we know how to play each of the options offered by the different bookmakers.

For this reason, we are going to give you different tips that will give you more options to win money when betting.

Early rounds

Betting on first rounds can be quite profitable if we make combined bets. That is, if you bet on several matches at the same time. This type of rounds usually offer quite uneven matches as the top seeds usually face players with bad ranking and who have even played previous rounds.

It is for this reason that, although the odds of the matches are usually very low, the result of multiplying several matches can give us high odds. In addition, if we add the men’s and women’s tournaments, we find many matches with a clear favourite.

Of course, we must be careful, women’s tennis is much more unpredictable as there are currently no great dominating players except for one, Serena Williams.

Withdrawal of players

In match winner betting, when a player withdraws he/she automatically loses the match. So at this point all bookmakers behave in the same way.

They give the winner of the match to the player who has not withdrawn, irrespective of the result at the time. However, if we have bet on ‘under’ or ‘over’ games or sets this becomes more complicated.

Some bookmakers, such as bet365, clearly state in their rules that in such situations the bet is void and players are refunded their stake.

However, other bookmakers validate the bet based on the number of games played, so we will automatically lose the bet if we have bet that there will be more games.

This should be taken into account and we recommend that you check the rules of each bookmaker you are betting with.

Type of track

Earlier we said that the type of court has less and less influence on the outcome of a match. However, as we start to place more specific bets, such as the number of games in a match, the type of court has an influence.

In this sense, fast courts, i.e. grass and concrete, always give an advantage to the servers, so the betting strategy varies. The fact that a type of court gives an advantage to the breaker means that it is more difficult for a break to occur, i.e. for the breaker to win the game.

This automatically raises the odds on a game winner when he is not serving and also allows for more games in a match. For this reason, on fast courts it is always smarter to bet on a higher number of games and more profitable to bet on breaks.

This is also why it is safer to bet on a tie-break in a fast court match than on clay. A tie-break is a definitive game that gives the set to the winner if the score is tied at 6-6 in any of the sets except in the fifth set of a Grand Slam.

However, in the case of women’s matches, the serve has less influence than in men’s matches, so the number of games, breaks or the chances of reaching the tie-break are very similar in all types of courts.

Tennis live

The chances of winning money betting on live matches are much higher as there are more chances of continuous play. This also means that there is more chance of quick losses, but if we are smart we can slowly make up the lost money.

As mentioned before, the odds go up and down live depending on the outcome so we can be more aggressive at some times and more conservative at others.

A smart player can start by being aggressive at the beginning of the match and change his tactics if this strategy is not proving effective during the course of the match. As always, if you are losing a lot of money, it is best to try to win it back little by little by betting less and less money on a safer bet.

Don’t become obsessed with making it up quickly as this is often counterproductive. Live matches are very exciting and can be difficult at times, but as with most betting, it is best to keep a cool head at all times.